Meet Lilo

When I hear that first cry and I see the look on mom and dad’s face, that special moment, is what keeps my passion alive … I love my job!

~ Lilo the Midwife


Congratulations on your pregnancy! You are about to explore a journey of a lifetime.  I believe that growing and birthing your baby is one of the greatest things you will ever do. Midwife-led care is a blend of evidence-based practice and the timeless, personalised art of woman-to-woman care. Working with low-risk pregnant women and their families, I share years of knowledge and experience and I honour your birth choices. Being actively involved in all the decisions and responsibilities that affect you and your baby is the best way to assure a safe, healthy and happy birth.

Individualised Care

An individualised approach to care during pregnancy and birth, is based on the concept of informed choice, empowering each woman to confidently make the decisions and thereby trusting her instinctual ability to birth.

Family Centered-Care

Mutual respect is foundational to Family Centred Care. Respect for pregnancy as a normal, healthy event in a woman’s life, respect for parents as the primary caregivers for their children, respect for each member of the circle of care. Husbands are invited to prenatal visits, and are involved in intensive preparation for labor and delivery. Their presence and active participation in labour, birth, and postnatal care is encouraged.

A few of my birth philosophies

Birth is supernatural

Pregnancy, labour and birth is a supernatural process and every woman is capable of birthing her baby in her way, in a hands off approach. A mom is the biggest advocate for her own labour and birth and taking charge in this time of their life, is so empowering. I therefore encourage expectant parents to be open-minded regarding the birth process and the possible turn of events involved in preparing for the arrival of their little one, thereby trusting the process.

Trust in Birth

Family can make a birth so beautiful. In this video, the mom-in-law was cheering on and kept mommy inspired and going, she gave her so much courage to carry on. The dad was in awe, he never thought a waterbirth was possible, but he went with mom’s gut and wishes. He was there holding her hand and then when the baby came, he broke down.

Birth is normal

You are about to explore a journey of a lifetime.  Midwives have attained extensive knowledge of the birthing process and take the necessary actions to prevent issues before, during and after birth. In most cases, women are perfectly capable of giving birth to a healthy baby without any interventions. Birth is a normal biological function, not a medical event. Though we are incredibly lucky to have interventions if they are necessary, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that birth normally happens on its own.

a little about me

My first love is spending time with my pregnant moms and families. It is why I love what I do, chatting, getting to know each other, it is truly my hearts passion. In my free time, I like to reset and relax with my top three past-times …

Cooking & spending time with my family, my kitchen is the hub of my home ...
Music ... any genre, it makes my soul soar!
Gardening - it is my meditation ...